Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Bright Light

Love is Beautiful; Love is Bright
Love is Sweet; Love is Light
Love makes the world go round.

Love made my day; Love was my life
It was but love
That kept me alive.

Until I realized I could love no more.

I was crestfallen, injured.
I was bruised, battered.
I was a piece of coal, charred.

I leafed through the pages of life.
Had it been a lie?
A beautiful soulless lie?
The kind that makes you wanna die?

But surely that could not be true?
Surely something must be true?
My love, my passion
Couldn't be all imagination?

But as my head cleared
I felt light.
One emotion less to carry
One feeling less to be wary.

There was no love; never for me
It was a dream, a fantasy
All I was left with now
Were anger, hatred and jealousy.

Love gave me hope; it gave wings
But all that was gone now.

And there goes the water; I mop
The gold fish with dead fins.
And with it dies
Every hope of love and life.

So here I stand in the narrow room
With a gun in my mouth.
Thinking of a time lost
Of a dream, better forgotten
And I push the button.

A noise ensues.
And with it dies
Wretched sinful hope
Of a world of beauty & love.

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