Sunday, January 15, 2012


Angry screams, Proud screams
Awaken me at midnight
Bewildered I sit
On the cold hard bed.

Voices surround me
Unfriendly, harsh
My ears shriek in pain
My eyes close in fear.

As the warm morning begins to smile
I hope for a new day
Away from the screams.
But they continue, they haunt
Until I run away.

Far and far I flee
The screams chase me
Until I can go no far
I look around, there is calm.

No more screams to haunt me
A yellow river, the green sky
Orange hills in the distance.
I sit on a rock.
The river serene sweeps by
And I feel safe.

But soon it's time to return
Where the screams lie.
Fearful steps I tread
Homeward bound.

But wait, what do I see?
The gentle river flowing by
Beckons me.
I go up to her edge
She smiles at me.
I walk down her
Soft wet body
Until the gentle water
Caresses my body.

Deeper and deeper I go
Until she kisses my lips
I stand there drinking the nectar
Of her sweet soft lips.

There she flows kissing me softly
Until my being is submerged
Under her kisses.

Kisses so intense I can't breathe.
Overwhelming kisses
Deep kisses.
I can't breathe.
The River feels me softly.
Give in, she muses quietly.
But I hold on,
Until finally
I surrender.
I let go, I let her kiss me
And deeper and deeper
I drown. 

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