Sunday, January 15, 2012


Nights are dark
Days are bright
I can't sleep
Whether dark or light.

Pills and drugs don't work.

It's not as if I don't want to sleep.
I badly badly do
I would do anything
For a good night's rest.

I dream of sleep, sweet bliss
And pray that I get to sleep.
At least for one night!
I feel drowsy, I feel tired.
But sleep eludes me, try as I might.

Thoughts images come screaming to me. 
The moment I close my eyes.
And sweet bliss evades me
With voices from outside.

Peace, peace is what I need.
For a goodnight's sleep.
But the voices won't stop.
And the thoughts will feed
On my exhausted mind.

The poet is a tortured soul, I smirk
Might as well write a poem berserk.
But is this a poem?
A memoir? An epitaph?
No it is but a piece of trash.


PsycheBubbles said...

haunting piece! Very eerie yet profound! Like! :)

Mr. A. said...

wow...amazed at the simlicity and strangeness of the poem...wonderful!!!!!

the silent observer said...

:O you guys, I was high when I wrote this "poem".

thanks btw. :O