Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Trying to be good
Trying to be better
Trying to get you
To like me.

Trying to be sweet
Trying to be nice
Trying to be something
I am not.

Just so you would look.
Just so you would smile.
At me.

For that smile of yours
I could die a thousand deaths.
To be looked at by those eyes of yours
I could catch my breath.

And then you did.
You looked at me. 

All at once
The world became rosy
And the stars were cozy.

I felt shy
I was red
Under your glance.

But then you turned away...
The world was lost
And I craved for more.
Once more.

A flash of your eyes
A twitch of your smile
A fraction of your voice
Just a bit, only for a while.

I think of you. I shiver.
As a rose under the sun
As a leaf under the rain

And I pray for it
Wanting it to happen again
But you merrily squeeze away
And with black female asses, gently bray.

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