Sunday, January 15, 2012


A lonely night
A moonless night
It's not fair; it's not bright.

Cold breeze flutters my hair
Tells me I'm not alone
I look at the night
Distant majestic light
And atone.

Will you be my friend?
I ask the Night
She looks at me speechless
Owls gape, bats smile
Loneliness flutters
She walks away...

Where can I find a friend,
In this big wide world?
Who is there, who is truly mine?

Humans detest me.
With hope, I ask the animals
Will they be my friend?
A sick dog, a naughty parrot?
A big fat furry cat?

The sick dog finds a kinder friend
The parrot dies
The cat befriends the food.

In despair, I turn to Nature
Trees, sky, wind
Rivers, mountains, cloud
Surely they would be my company
And drive out these demons, so hungry?

But Nature has her own course
I'm her subject, not friend.
Not an equal.
My emotions, my passion
Are but just events
In her larger schema.

So here I sit by 
On a dark silent night.
The only sound that of crickets
And loneliness, my only company.

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